H. Samadi Galpayage Dona

Email: h.s.galpayagedona@qmul.ac.uk

Room: 2.16 Fogg Building


Research interests

There is increasing evidence that bees are more than mere reflex machines: they are efficient learners, show behavioural flexibility and experience forms of emotions. My interest in bee cognition lies in seeing how far a tiny brain can go to solve relatively complex tasks and how individual bees approach the task.

I am currently using behavioural experiments to study object manipulation in bumblebees: how do individuals manipulate objects in different contexts, from seemingly non-functional to goal-oriented tasks?

Alongside my scientific research, I am involved in advocating for diversity and inclusion in academia and participating in science communication.

Educational background

MSc Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Queen Mary University of London (2015-2016)
BSc Biology, University of Bristol (2012-2015)