Oscar Ramos-Rodriguez

Email: o.r.rodriguez@qmul.ac.uk

Research interests

I am the research assistant on a project entitled ‘Space use by bees – radar tracking of spatial movement patterns of key pollinators’. This research is done within the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at QMUL and forms part of an Advanced Grant awarded by the European Research Council to Prof Lars Chittka. My interests have been always Ecology and I have been working on bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) more than 10 years so I have a long experience of all their lifecycle, managing colonies from their set-up and also in carrying out experiments in labs or in the field; using many different technologies like radio tracking or radar. Studying their behaviour, relationships with the environment or other insects, pesticides, parasites and many others. I am also very interested in the quantitative side of my work and I am developing my statistical skills, i.e. the Graduate Certificate in Statistics (Birkbeck University of London).


Gill, R.J., Ramos-Rodriguez, O. & Raine, N.E. (2012) Combined pesticide exposure severely affects individual- and colony-level traits in bees. Nature 491:105-108. ResearchGate link


Lopez-Vaamonde, C., Raine, N.E., Koning, J.W., Brown, R.M., Pereboom, J.J.M., Ings, T.C., Ramos-Rodriguez, O., Jordan, W.C. & Bourke, A.F.G. (2009) Lifetime reproductive success and longevity of queens in an annual social insect. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 22(5):983-96. ResearchGate link


Raine, N.E., Ings, T.C., Ramos-Rodriguez, O. & Chittka, L (2006) Intercolony variation in learning performance of a wild British bumblebee population (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Bombus terrestris audax), Entomologia Generalis, 28(4):241-256. ResearchGate link